Are you tired of your Accountant asking you for paperwork at the end of the financial year? Are you sick of filing mountains of paperwork? Did you know that there are a number of cloud software storage solutions you can use to organise your paperwork?

At Yield, we understand the burden and overwhelm of paperwork and recommend cloud document storage solutions to help reduce excessive paperwork. We recommend our clients use Xero File Library and MYOB In Tray, both of which are inbuilt and free with your software, or alternatively Dext which is a low-cost cloud document storage solution that can integrate with both MYOB & Xero.

All of these products have the ability to email documents directly to the software or via their mobile phone App to take photos and have advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify key information in the document, speeding up transaction entry by filling in what it can for you.

Cloud Document Storage Solutions

Xero File Library contains an Inbox and Contacts folder. You can add any additional folders you need and attach documents to your transactions.

MYOB In Tray can store your supplier bills ready for processing as spend money transactions, creating bills or linking to transactions you have already processed.

Dext allows you to process bills/receipts/invoices/statements directly to MYOB or Xero and can also Archive documents by Supplier, Date, Invoice Number or Category for any document you do not need to send through to your Accounting Package.

If you have MYOB or Xero but have not utilised these features yet or are looking for an online document storage solution, call and speak to Sue to find out more information or to organise training.